Feminist TV Characters

27 04 2011

What the hell – these ladies rock!

Most of the female TV characters we know are more likely to be stupid and look like a supermodels at the same time but right now we found an article with 20 Feminist TV Characters.

And where is the perfect place to post it? Yes of course here!

This is why we want to show you some of them. As austrian girls we don’t know all of them and so we made our focus on those figures:

Our first character is Marcy Darcy from the television show „Married…with children“. She was the breadwinner of the family in both(!) of her marriages. For us she was always the tough woman, with a lot of enthusiasm for feminism but she is also a lovely wife and good friend for Peggy.

The next example and unfortunately a fictional character is the most famous cartoon caracter of all time – Lisa Simpson. She is only 8 years old and fights for the women’s right. Although she has a doll called Malibu Stacey she proclaims it because she looks like a supermodel with big boobs and long blond hair, so she makes her own doll with a company but nobodys likes the doll because it`s too feministic for the world and the typical doll buyer.  She also complains her mother to be a stay-at-home woman. And she hates the attidude of men.

Roseanne Conner from Roseanne is not the typical feminist because she has a household and cares about her family but she had a few jobs in her life and still works athough she has children. She is a tough woman with lot of power and never keep her mouth shut. And Roseanne was an overweight female lead character whose likability did not depend on her appearance.

One of the newest show characters is Rory Gilmore from the TV show „Gilmore Girls“.  She grew up with her mother and since she was born she fought for her rights as a woman. She’s in a way  the typical feministic girl, she likes to read (authors like Sylvia Plath, Jane Austen, Eudora Welthy or Simone de Bouvour), is intelligent and her dream became true when she visited the Yale University to study Journalism. In the end she decides to live her dream instead of becoming the wife of her boyfriend. Rory is a stong charakter especially in todays society and this gives us hope. More TV shows should create characters like Rory!

An older one is Buffy Summers from „Buffy the vampire slayer“. Even though Buffy is a blond and skinny girl she is really tough and smart. She shows us that nobody should have prejudices against blond women!

Than we have Miranda Hobbes from „Sex and the city“. Of course all four characters from the show have a feminist touch but Miranda is the one who shows it the most. She works as a lawyer (which is notorious a manly job) and still does not get the same attention as the men in her company. Later she has her child but is still the breadwinner. She’s a loveable mother and wife but works her ass off and fights for her rights especially in her job.  😉

And last but not least we have Hermine Granger from the „Harry Potter“ series. She is not the typical feminist girl but she fights for her rights in the magical world. She is the one who helps her male friends out.  She is very intelligent and likes to read and learn more about the magical world. So we think that she has also a bit of a feminist touch.

Here is an interesting article about Television and Fictional Feminism by Rachael Horowitz. If you want to read it here is the link.

We hope you liked this list of feminist characters and don’t forget to fight for your rights girls! 🙂




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